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Mini Caramel Apples

To be honest, I have never been a bit fan of caramel apples. I love the way they look and smell but trying to eat them has always been

unappealing to me. I was grocery shopping yesterday when I came across some caramel apples. I was with my kids and thought maybe if I cut one up they could eat it. Then I got a bright idea to simply make A kid-friendly caramel apple.

I wasn't sure how my kids would do with nuts. In place of nuts I crusted up Graham crackers. This was even better than I had expected. This bite-size caramel apple is perfect for anyone wanting a caramel apple without the difficulties of biting into one.


Granny Smith Apple - The tartness of a granny smith apple is perfect for the sweet caramel dip. The peel of the apple is great at holding the toothpick in place as well.

Marzetti Caramel Dip - This dip tastes great. I usually buy individual packs to put into lunches. The dip is great for dipping but you have to heat it for coating an apple.

Graham Crackers - My family loves Graham Crackers and they're not picky so I use the great value brand from Walmart.

Toothpick- You want toothpicks that are nice quality that they don't break when you put them into the apple.

Let's Make

1 Granny Smith Apple

1 Cup Caramel Dip

1 Graham Cracker


Cut the apple into bite-size pieces, and leave on the peel. Transfer caramel dip into a microwave-safe bowl and warm up for about 30 seconds. If the caramel is not thin enough, stir and warm for an additional 15 seconds. Crumble one Graham cracker in a bowl. Using a toothpick, press through the skin of the apple. Dip the apple into caramel then into the crushed Graham cracker. Place on a plate.

I made part plain caramel and part covered in crackers. Enjoy.

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