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Friday Amazon Finds

This Friday we are doing something new. Instead of fashion finds, we are doing items I have found t the week that I own personally and love or that are on my wish list. (I cannot guarantee the links will work at the time you are reading) With the holidays approaching, these are great gift ideas, Black Friday finds, hosting needs, etc.

*Disclosure: I only recommend products I would use myself and all opinions expressed here are my own. This post may contain affiliate links that at no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission.

Starting off, this ice tray. The circle ice adds a bit of fun to any glass. The great thing about ice tray is your can add any liquid, coffee ice for ice coffee or another other type drink. The ice bin makes this great for storing ice for a group.

This ice tray is definitely on my wish list.

Click here to shop this ice tray and bin.

This is also on my wish list. I have one pan from this set (it's extremely similar if not the same). It's my favorite out of my pans, I use it everyday. It's the small one and it's perfect for making eggs. It's the only pan I use to make omelettes. I am ready to update my current set of pots and pans. This set has all the pots and pans that I use regularly.

Click here to shop this cookware set.

I am a cup person. I love tumblers and cute glasses. I own this cup and it's one of my favorites. I use this one for my ice coffee. My kids already know this is my coffee cup and usually do not try to drink from it. The lid screws on and the straw has the rubber around it. If this cup is knocked over it's not going to spill out, only a few drops if it does. Perfect for having active kids running around.

Click here to shop this cup.

If you or anyone in your household packs a lunch this is perfect! I have this one for my husband and it really does work. He just pulls it in a little before lunch time and his food is hot and ready. You can even put frozen food in these and they cook. They also make these with a wall plug so they are perfect for most situations.

Click here to shop this lunch box

I have seen these everywhere lately. I want one. I have an electric chopper that's great for onions and harder vegetables. But not so much for tomatoes or softer vegetables. this even has a slicing option and grading. this is definitely on my Amazon wish list.

Click here to shop this chopper.

This is one of my best purchases from Amazon. It has all your common every day tools. I was tired of my husband telling me he had a certain tool, but I was never able to find it when I needed it. It's so nice and convenient. My husband has probably used it as much if not more than me. I have a strict rule that he must put everything back where he found it. Being pink is an added plus.

Click here to shop tool set.

I have had similar slippers to these before. I wore them so much. And washed them so much. That they finally fell apart. I love slippers. I wear them every day. I'm in the market for a new pair. These pink fluffy ones are perfect. They have a nice stiff bottom. In the past any time I wore slippers with soft bottoms, they made me slide or trip over my own feet.

Click here to shop slippers.

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