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Fashion Finds Friday | Workout

Fashion finds Friday I show you a few modest clothing I have found throughout the week. Some pieces I own personally, others I simply find to be modest and adorable. All items on this week's lists are activewear. (I cannot guarantee the links will work at the time you are reading) Fashionable items that are feminine and modest. I hope you find these outfits inspiring.

*Disclosure: I only recommend products I would use myself and all opinions expressed here are my own. This post may contain affiliate links that at no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission.

This black top is perfect run errands and then hitting the gym top. The cute back design takes it from a basic workout top to the next level. I found this top on Amazon. Click here to find it.

This is a PKC find. I love the details at the top of the skirt. The adjustable drawstring on the side adds a little extra touch to the skirt. I personally don’t wear visibly attached leggings. But these are only 3/4 so they would be easy to push up and be hidden. Click here to find it.

I love the back and side detail of this top. The colors available in this top are also adorable. I love the light blue. It gives me a nice fresh morning vibe. Perfect for getting in a morning run. Click here to find

Another Amazon find. This adorable pink skirt comes with a zipped pocket. Great to keep your phone or keys from falling out while working out. The leggings on this skirt are an easy hide as well. Click here to find it.

I love a drawstring skirt. It makes it easy to customize it to my perfect size. The basic gray will go in so many colors or prints. And the pockets are definitely a plus. Click here to find it.

I have several workout tops from Walmart. They have lasted for several years. I’ve worn them regularly and washed them after every wear. No fading or tearing of the material. I could not find the exact tops I have but these look similar to some that I own. Click here to find it.

Sweet Lemon Thyme -The Maxwell

Sweet Lemon Thyme has some of the cutest prints in custom-made activewear skirts. They have so many options on how you can order your skirt. SLT has different length options for skirts and leggings. You can have a 27” skirt and built-in shorts. They also have different skirt styles and waistband options. I own two of her skirts. And the prints have been adorable. Click here to find it.

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