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Cleaning Tips -For the Easily Distracted

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

Do you ever feel overwhelmed about cleaning? You walk into a room and it’s so messy you don’t even know where to start. Maybe you start cleaning one room but end up in another room cleaning it too before the first one is finished.

True story, a few years ago I was working on cleaning my bedroom. I was picking up a couple of empty water bottles, and as I was taking them to the trash I noticed the trash was full. I took out the trash, I realized the wind had blown over some chairs and leaves were on the porch. I got the broom and was sweeping the back porch when I remembered I was in the middle of cleaning the bedroom.

Similar things happen like this a lot when I first started cleaning my house. My mom’s term for this is trying to clean the whole house at once. Over the years I have come up with some tips and strategies that help me stay focused on one room at a time.

  • Gather Up Items on the Floors

The first thing I do is pick up anything that’s on the floors. Toys, bags, whatever that’s on the floor that isn’t supposed to be. I put away anything that goes up in that current room but if it goes into another room, I put it in a basket or doorway. For example, if I find a toy on the kitchen floor I don’t take it to the toy box. I put it in the doorway of the living room. It’s next to the kitchen and it’s where we have the toy box. If I leave the kitchen to put away toys I’ll become distracted by whatever is going on in the living room. So I don’t leave the kitchen.

  • Work Right From the Corner

Once you have your floors cleared and you’re not going to step on anything, move to the next step. Pick a corner of the room and start working to the right (or left the direction doesn’t matter as long as you continue in the same direction). In the kitchen, I start at the same corner every time. I clear everything off a section of the countertop. If it’s a dish I put it directly into the dishwasher. If it’s trash it goes into the trash can. If your trash can is in another room bring it into the kitchen or get a trash bag out and fill it up as you go. My trash can is in the laundry room and I often get a trash bag and fill it up as I clean. When I go into the laundry I’ll be distracted by the laundry. Once the section of the countertop is clear, I wipe it down as well as the fronts of the cabinet in that area. Then I move on to the next section. I work in sections about three feet wide. I work all around the room using the same method until I have the whole room finished.

Depending on how deep of a clean I am doing that day. When I come to the refrigerator I will wipe down the front and go ahead and clean it out while I am at it.

  • Again Floors

Before I leave a room I will do the floors. I will sweep, vacuum, and/or mop. I know a lot of people wait until they clean all the rooms in a house before vacuuming. I do not. Once I leave a room it is completely finished. I have to move the vacuum from room to room anyway so I go ahead and get it done. Plus, I have small children, by the time I make it back to the room, they usually have a few toys out. I save myself a step from having to pick them up again.

  • Check Your Basket

As you are cleaning from room to room, you will be placing random objects into your basket. (Remember the first tip?) When you come to a new room to clean, check your basket to see what needs to be put away in that room. Using the same method throughout your cleaning time, when you have finished cleaning every room, take whatever is left in the basket to the correct spot. This is when I go from room to room. I usually hold the basket in my arm as I put things away until it is empty.

I hope this helps you become motivated to clean your home. Cleaning can be overwhelming at times. Knowing where to start helps get started much easier.

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