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Breakfast Croissant Casserole

If you have a crowd to feed, this is a breakfast for you. It's quick and easy. And you can double the recipe to make as many casseroles for many people as you need to feed. We made it on vacation. We've used maple sausage and it was amazing. Unfortunately, my Walmart was out of maple when I went so I made it with regular sausage and it was still delicious.

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2 Cans Croissants

Salt and Pepper to taste

Cook sausage until completely brown. While sausage is cooking, grease a casserole dish. Place one can of croissants into casserole dish. Lay flat, pinching together rolls to make a solid flat croissant roll. Once sausage is completely brown, add in cream cheese a. Stir until cream cheese is completely melted. Add salt and pepper to taste. Pour sausage and cream cheese into the casserole dish. Spread evenly. Add second can of croissants rolls on top. Pinch together rolls to make a flat croissant roll.

Bake according to directions on croissants rolls. Once the top is golden your breakfast casserole is done. Enjoy!

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